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About Us

Srigen is a premium technology company that specializes in cloud application development, agile development processes, quality assurance, testing, BPO/KPO and industry specific IT solutions. We also have expertise in product development, document management and business intelligence (BI/Analytics. Significantly, we aim to align your IT with your business needs. We evolve an end-to-end IT strategy that helps transform your business.

Srigen Technologies develops customized software based on your specific requirements. A set method is followed that ensures that quality assurance tests are done. The ultimate goal to keep you ahead of your competitors is met by custom application development.

In continuation to our efforts to bring innovative technologies for global business development; we have leveraged on cloud computing. Srigen contribution is in choosing the right cloud solution as per your business needs.

Srigen is a pioneer in introducing innovative technologies. We have focused on cloud computing and mobility solutions which lie at the core of strategic agenda. We help organizations which are in the process to enhance their enterprise applications, and merge sales force and field force applications with mobility. Out mobility solutions are a product of assessing our current challenges, scoping out the business solutions and benefits and determining the best technology solution.

Srigen gauges the benefits and suitability of proprietary and open source software for each client’s project success. It is definitely the cost and benefit factors that decide on our choice. We gauge the cost of implementation, innovation, costs incurred during service/support issues, and the costs associate with investment in infrastructure.

Business intelligence is the key to efficient operations, cost savings and identifying new business opportunities. Srigen offers BI solutions that help in centralizing data, better access to data and gain better understanding of key business metrics. We enable businesses to monitor sales and predict future performance. With our BI solutions you can spot areas ripe for cost savings and identify new business opportunities.

Our project management services are based on providing assured project success to clients. This we achieve by project creation, effective planning, supervising and control. We rely on all the approaches to effective project management; coordinated and coherent project management and some on policies and processes, forms, guidelines and checklists.

Srigen understands that benefits make customers seek product development support. We leverage on features and technologies to deliver a benefit. Our products development expertise includes ideation, prototype development, design and development, testing and QA and release. Our service offerings: Product strategy and management, new product development, business driven development, software product development lines, product enhancement and product repositioning.

To sustain the growth trajectory through end-to-end and high value driven technology solutions

To develop innovative ways to build and develop software

Leadership Team
Some say leaders are born and not made, some say they can be made. At Srigen our leadership is time tested, and proven along the trajectory of success and failure. Our leadership team brings more than 20 years of combined experience in product development, custom application development, cloud computing, BI, QA, Testing, Mobile solutions and others. We bring to the company extensive experience in healthcare, government and telecommunication sectors. The team at Srigen has a proven track record of new product development and client customizations.

Why Srigen?
Some IT vendors are preferred over others for price, solutions portfolio, delivery methodology and project management. Srigen is preferred for its expertise in providing end-to-end solutions built on proprietary and open source technologies. We provide the needful technical resources as per the project expectations. We serve our clients with consistent quality and provide measurable ROI. We are the preferred choice of clients due to,

  •  Value driven project management
  •  20+ years of combined experience in real-time business, technology and integration
  •  Delivery team that includes software architects, analysts, consultants and technical experts
  •  Ability to design, develop and execute brilliantly
  •  Capabilities to drive value and sustainable competitiveness of businesses
  •  Strategic partnership with leading software and solution companies
  •  High value product development services with a host of IT products to showcase
  •  Professional and dynamic engagement with clients for prompt project delivery

Technology is definitely the business enabler. The right technology empowers the organization to increase productivity, decrease process time and cost and reduce risk. Each technology strategy brings a benefit to the client’s business.

  •  If it is cloud service: Network Services
  •  If it is SOA architecture: Optimize performance and cost
  •  If it is Open Source: Freedom and Flexibility
  •  If it is Proprietary: Lesser risk factor

Cloud services
High business competition, limited resources and greater operational efficiency are making businesses to search for innovative technologies and processes. In this context, cloud computing has emerged as the proven technology to leverage on existing resources and achieve business performance.

Srigen leverages on cloud technologies to offer the right application development, deployment, integration and delivery to customers. In the existing diversity and complexity of cloud solutions, we offer the best cloud solution that matches your business needs. The benefits you gain are,

  •  Highly scalable data solutions
  •  Increased agility in business process
  •  Increased revenues and reduced infrastructure costs
  •  Streamlined process and improved flexibility

SOA architecture
Srigen’ service oriented architecture (SOA) evaluates the needs of the enterprise, the costs of different solutions, and how these are applied. We aim to deliver expertise agility which refers to our capability to scale operations and meet different levels of demand. We deal with all the three ideas of SOA: Service composition, model-driven development and service virtualization. Our SOA support services present the following features and benefits.

Features Benefits
  •  Service Improved information flow. Transparent functionality and Organizational flexibility
  •  Service re-use Lower software development and management costs
  •  Messaging Configuration flexibility
  •  Message Monitoring Business intelligence, performance measurement and security
  •  Message control Application of management and security policy
  •  Message transformation Data translation
  •  Message security Data confidentiality and integrity
  •  Virtualization Improved reliability, ability to scale operations
  •  Model driven implementation Ability to develop new functions

Open source
Srigen helps you to leverage on the benefits of open source software. Our approach to use open source technologies is based on an in-depth analysis and understanding of the open source and closed source software, and thereby making informed decisions. We gauge the benefits of cost, service and support, innovation, usability and security.

Srigen choice of closed software or proprietary software is based on the client’s need for security, responsive service, and support. There is no parallel to the high level of service and support that proprietary software offers. As proprietary software is user centric, it provides for easy updates, fixes or modules aimed at improving the software.

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