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The rich user interface combined with comprehensive workflow management makes enrolment process easy and simple for external groups, members, brokers and internal staff. The tool seamlessly blends into individual, small group and large group business processes. It greatly reduces the average enrolment time and increases member’s satisfaction and staff productivity. It comes along with auto renewal workflow process that significantly reduces administrative staff work load during open enrolment periods. It also got additional plug-ins to generate and maintain group id and product id’s using smart custom logic.


A comprehensive benefits management system developed with cutting edge technologies to reduce administrative costs and to increase revenues. The build in e-prescribing technology provides physicians with clinical and cost information to make safest and most affordable choices. It comes with an effective discounts management system to mange rebates and discounts with retail pharmacies and pharmacy manufactures. It is powered with feature rich modular solutions for drug utilization review, formulary management, Prior authorization and physician profiling. These modules are aimed at reducing inappropriate prescribing by physicians and medication errors and to result in better health outcomes. A powerful decision management system combined with event management tracks all events in real time with in the enterprise and takes appropriate actions based on business rules.


It is equipped to deal with latest HIPPA 5010 code set and ICD 10 changes. Built in rich mapping user interface will help users to easily translated data elements from one source to another. A powerful dashboard and reporting system help users understand and have control over entire EDI process in your enterprise. This translator takes care of all translation needs that are required between heterogeneous environments. An integrated alert and notification system monitors the system health and initiate escalate process.


Decision makers in healthcare organizations need a single view access to more data sources to analyze data with greater understanding and to uncover insights that might provide a competitive edge. At Srigen, we tap into recent advances in storage, network and compute technologies to efficiently harness big data and turn it into a potent source of business advantage. Our product accesses and manages the data from different domains and sources and establishes complex relationships between patients, providers and payers. It provides powerful tools for data governance, data modeling, data visualization and risk management. These tools help technical and non technical healthcare users to easily grasp information and make informed decisions.


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