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Solutions and Services

Custom Application Development
Srigen’ custom application development services are built on two decades of project experience. Our client engagements have taught us that, each business is different, and operates differently. The off-the-shelf products may not offer the exact solutions that a business requires.

The software architects at Srigen have identified areas and sectors that demand strong software customization. We design and develop applications that work as per the client’s expectations. Our value addition is in terms of software customization, making it simpler and bring down the training costs.

The benefits you get in availing our custom application development services are,

  •  Specific set of features
  •  Product for self use
  •  Dedicated technical support
  •  Quick resolutions, lesser bugs and easy accessibility

Of all, the striking benefit we aim to offer our clients through custom application development is, readily change with changes in the business software ecosystem.

Cloud Computing Services
Srigen offers customers new technologies based on Cloud and pay-per-use models. Without much capital investment, you can avail safe, secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. We leverage on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and virtualization to bring you the highly flexible and scalable cloud services. We leverage on the best practices cultivated in building componentized software products, and doing things the right way in an agile software development methodology to ensure customer satisfaction. By availing our cloud services you gain by,

  •  Greater economies of scale
  •  Reduce spending on Infrastructure
  •  Workflow from around the globe
  •  Established work processes
  •  Lesser capital costs
  •  Do away with expensive software licensing
  •  Hire lesser number of people
  •  Avail the benefit of minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues
  •  Get high level of flexibility with changes accommodated with lesser effort of people and lesser costs

Healthcare IT Solutions
Srigen understands the IT needs of the global healthcare industry. We have analysed the challenges the healthcare industry confronts today. Our IT solutions help the healthcare industry to achieve effective, efficient and affordable care.

The regulatory demands on healthcare service has called for enhancing operational efficiency, streamline internal processes, modernize businesses and develop customer interaction. There is also the challenge of digitized data coming from multiple sources and possibility of information explosion that demands prompt knowledge management solutions, affordable and scalable as per the customer’s demands.

Srigen’ offering includes IT services, BPO, KPO, Consulting and Infrastructure services. We deal with,
  •  Legacy system modernization
  •  CRM technology initiatives
  •  Electronic health records and information exchange
  •  Infrastructure management and hosting
  •  Healthcare analytics and Business Intelligence

The chief differentiator of our healthcare solutions is that, in achieving seamless customer experience across multiple touch-points like mobile applications, hand-held devices, Internet, IVR and Voice. This will create phenomenal value for the hospital industry by ensuring higher ROI and lesser TCO.

Mobile solutions
In the present day, the mobile phones are fast replacing desktops and laptops. People have been following the trend to scale-up in use of latest gadgets for accessing information and communicating by Email and Social Media. Srigen is a premium mobility solutions provider that helps small and medium enterprises to leverage on dynamic mobile solutions. Our mobile solutions portfolio features,

  •  Clear definition of your mobile strategy journey
  •  Help you to build consensus within your company
  •  Create synergy between teams to leverage on the benefits of mobile transformation
  •  Offer industry-specific mobile solutions that immediately assure higher operational efficiency and ROI
  •  Seek new revenue opportunities and provide lesser TCO

Why partner with us?
  •  We consider mobile application solutions as an extension of our proven expertise in custom application development using mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry
  •  Our proven work experience in developing solutions for multiple touch points mobile, hand-held, Internet, IVR and Voice

The future definitely belongs to mobile strategy and solutions. In the near time, mobile devices are sure to surpass desktops in Internet traffic. Taking the promising future that mobile technologies offer to your business, we aim to design and strategize mobile solutions. Our chief contribution is in offering solutions across all devices, align mobile strategy to your business goals, and create an optimized messaging and apps interface.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) has graduated from simple to complex, earlier as a back office process now turned mammoth size to influence the whole enterprise process. BI is increasingly relied upon by businesses

Technologies definitely keeps you ahead in leveraging on the latest BI technologies. We have expertise in traditional and latest BI trends.

Our value addition is in scaling up your BI systems for greater efficiency and profitability. The chief differentiator of our mobile BI services is to connect the market, customer and the workforce.

Srigen’ BI services aim to achieve high data quality and data integration. We help businesses to embed BI capabilities into existing SaaS solutions. By availing BI solutions, businesses can lower total cost of ownership.

EDI Services
We live in the age of information enabled by the Internet. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has revolutionized the way businesses exchange messages. The information exchange may happen via communications cables with standard protocols.

The role of Srigen is to bring buyers and sellers from the traditional paper documentation and bring about proper documenting process and order procedures. We have experience in technologies that provide for EDI through Internet and ensure efficiency in conduct of business. We offer HIPPA compliant EDI solutions for health plans. By availing our EDI services you gain by,
  •  Lesser paper work
  •  Enhanced operational efficiency
  •  Reduced man power requirement
  •  Introducing standard delivery document
  •  Enhanced speed in receiving information

  •   By providing a clear road-map we ensure efficiency at work and good management of resources – men and materials.
  •   By prompt reporting the client feedback is taken and accommodated. This ensures that our project progress is in tune with client’s objectives and requirements.
  •   By considering each project as unique and special, we follow a custom strategy to achieve the project objectives.
  •   By way of risk assessment and analysis at every stage major mishaps and losses are avoided.

Srigen’ project management strategy is to help in narrowing our focus, achieve goals within fixed time lines and cost perimeters.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Global BPO industry has grown phenomenally. Global businesses are concerned with top and bottom line and equally on customer’s interests.

Srigen consider BPO and KPO as a major driver of performance in business. We work with companies local and global, to bring the benefit of transferring their non-core operations to us and avail the dual advantages of cost and professional expertise. Without BPO support global industry can seldom remain competitive. The level of collaboration and integrated operational performance required between the company and our BPO is for sure the only assurance for success and profitability.

From the offer of cost competitiveness we have moved to finer details and responsibilities of customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

We understand the BPO, KPO metamorphosis and we have fine-tuned our skill set accordingly. Now the days of cost cutting advantage have receded, and BPO is increasingly considered as an instrument to re-design businesses with focus on evolving customer-centric business.

By partnering with Srigen for your BPO/KPO needs, you gain the following benefits.
  •  Savings on labour and capital
  •  Specialist expertise at never before pricing
  •  Establish strong linkages between your core functions and BPO processes
  •  Team work for continuous process improvements
  •  Makes your company dynamic and greatly agile to face stiff competition and sustain margins as never before

Quality Assurance (QA)
The quality of a product is primary for assured work flow and output. The quality of the product is ensured by quality assurance process. QA includes a host of activities such as facilitation, training, audits and QA reviews. The final objective of all QA process is to produce a defect free product.

At Srigen, the QA process involves a series of planned steps to achieve quality in product and service delivery. We consider QA as integral to designing, development, production and support. QA has gained prominence when it comes to custom software development where the functionality is crucial for the performance of the system.

Srigen QA services are reflected as,
  •  Process Assurance – Verifying by project reviews and audits
  •  Product Assurance – The product meets the customer’s expectations
  •  Quality system assurance – That the quality management confirms to best practices

Our QA services offer the following benefits
  • Quality product and service is the only assurance to achieve smooth work flow, and gain customer satisfaction
  •  Process problems are found and corrective action is taken
  •  Quality products mean enhanced reputation of the company and strong brand value

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